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The Faculty...
The faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, established in 1984, is the faculty of the University of Zagreb, and the leading high education as well as scientific and research institution in the field of transport and traffic engineering in Croatia.

Faculty staff participates in national, regional and international scientific, research and development projects funded by the national Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, European Commission and international institutions. The Faculty participates in public and commercial projects aimed at solving transport and traffic problems of transportation sectors in Croatia. International cooperation through exchange of academic staff and students presents an important part of academicals and research activities.

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The Division...

The Division of Aeronautics was founded in order to perform scientific research, educational and expert activities and to create a connection with professional practice. The Department, along with the Croatian Aeronautical Education Centre, Croatian Air Traffic Control Education Centre and the RELTA centre for testing pilots and air traffic controllers, is a part of the Division of Aeronautics.

The study is primarily oriented towards air traffic, transport and flight, and aeroplane and airspace exploitation. Through undergraduate study programmes (modules) certified by Croatian and European aeronautical authorities, students are trained as pilots and air traffic controllers. Therefore students who graduate meet the requirements for the acquisition of permits and licenses as pilots and air traffic controllers.

In the undergraduate study of aeronautics, the classes are divided into three elective modules: military pilot, civil pilot and air traffic control. The base for practical courses in navigation and flying, Croatian Aeronautical Education Centre, is located at the Lucko airport. It operates according to the JAR FCL 1 international regulation and is recognised as an FTO or Flying Training Organisation.

A separate organisational unit, the Croatian Air Traffic Control Education Centre (HUSK), was founded in order to conduct practical courses in air traffic control. The Croatian Air Traffic Control Centre is internationally recognised as an ATC Training Organisation.

In the graduate study of aeronautics the study programme consists of two course groups: required and elective courses. The required courses deal with theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to air traffic technologies, aircraft maintenance, helicopter flight theory, flight theory and high speed aerodynamics. The elective courses enable the students to pursue their interests and define themselves professionally.

Major projects...
The department participates in major projects such as:

  1. Scientific project: Parameters of ecological influences on the development of infrastructure and transport systems-Tino Bucak, Ph.D.

  2. Development project: Design of the Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory.
    The project outlines the possibility for adaptation of space required for the revitalisation of the Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory in building 210 at the Borongaj University Campus.

  3. Establishing a laboratory: Air space simulation laboratory. The project aims to integrate the flight simulator at the Lucko airport with the ATC simulator (which has yet to be acquired) at the Borongaj campus using the Internet.

  4. Ongoing project: Implementation of GNSS operations in Croatia. The project goal is to develop a strategy and create conditions for the implementation of satellite navigation aircraft operations (in cooperation with Civil Air Traffic Agency).

University of Zagreb - Our Fleet and Courses

Fleet and Facilities
Croatian Aviation Training Center (CATC) has a fleet of:

  • Cessna C172 R
  • Cessna C172 N
  • Diamond DV 20
  • Piper PA 44-180
Also, CATC has a Flight simulator Elite S923 FNPT II for SE and ME instrument training and MCC.

Flight Training Courses
Presently, we have a certificate for the following courses:

  • integrated training program ATP(A)
  • FI(A) training program
  • FI(A) / IRI(A) refresher seminar
  • MCC(A) modular training program
  • MEP(A) modular training program
  • refresher class rating course-MEP(A)
  • refresher class rating course-SEP(A)
  • refresher class rating course-IR(A)
  • ATPL(A) "Frozen Theory"
  • CPL(A)/IR/MEPL course

Croatian Aviation Training Center

An independent unit for practical pilot training of the Aeronautical department of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences (FTTS). It is a part of the University of Zagreb. Since the early nineties, numerous generations of today's commercial pilots started and completed their flight training here.

CATC was the first and the biggest Flight Training Organization (FTO) to be certificated to perform flight training according to JAR-FCL 1 requirements and standards in Croatia.

Our heritage of many years of flight training and the aptitude of our staff result in highly praised and recognized performance that our former trainees daily demonstrate as pilots in airlines worldwide. Today, CATC is certified as Approved Training Organisation (ATO) by the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA).

CATC is based on the airfield Lucko near Croatian capital city Zagreb and its basic purpose is to train students of the Faculty, who have committed themselves to become civil pilots.

In need for controlled and safe maintenance of its aircraft fleet, in 1997 FTTS-CATC developed its own aircraft maintenance organization. Today, FTTS-CATC holds EASA PART 145 certificate as Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO) and approval for CAMO for aircraft in its fleet as well as for other third party aircraft in general aviation industry.

With this, FTTS-CATC controls the whole process in aircraft maintenance and continuous airworthiness, including 50hr / 100hr / 200hr / annual checks, on-board COMM/NAV inspections using latest "state of the art" ARTEX IFR4000 & IFR6000 testing equipment for IFR aircraft.

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