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The University of Zagreb was founded on September 23, 1669 that's why it is considered Croatia's oldest university. This year we are celebrating 347 years since its foundation. The University of Zagreb is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe.

Being the largest and most prominent university in Croatia, offers support to Croatia's other universities. Moreover, it has a clear strategy to become a leading university in the region as well as in Europe. By choosing the University of Zagreb you will become one of over 70 000 proud students currently participating in our many academic programs of study.

The University of Zagreb is also the leader among Croatia's universities in regard to post-graduate studies. Over 12,500 students have enrolled into the University's specialist postgraduate programs since they were established. Furthermore, seventy percent of all students enrolled in doctorate programs in Croatia in 2014 come from our University. Since September 2014, 915 doctoral degrees in arts and sciences were awarded.

The university comprises 29 faculties, 3 art academies and 1 university center for Croatian Studies with more than 70,000 students.

For more information please visit the university's website at
University of Zagreb - Faculties

No. The Faculty Website
1. Faculty of Agriculture http://www.agr.unizg.hr/en
2. Faculty of Architecture http://www.arhitekt.unizg.hr
(Site in Croatian Lang. only)
3. Catholic Faculty of Theology http://www.kbf.unizg.hr
(Site in Croatian Lang. only)
4. Faculty of Civil Engineering http://www.grad.unizg.hr/en
5. Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology http://www.fkit.unizg.hr/en
6. Faculty of Economics and Business http://www.efzg.unizg.hr/default.aspx?id=10692
7. Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences http://www.erf.unizg.hr/en/
8. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing http://www.fer.unizg.hr/en
9. Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology http://www.pbf.unizg.hr/en/
10. Faculty of Forestry http://www.sumfak.unizg.hr
11. Faculty of Geodesy http://www.geof.unizg.hr/?lang=en
12. Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering http://www.gfv.unizg.hr/en/index.html
13. Faculty of Graphic Arts http://www.grf.unizg.hr/en/
14. Faculty of Humanities and Social Science http://www.ffzg.unizg.hr/international/
15. Faculty of Kinesiology http://www.kif.unizg.hr/en
16. Faculty of Law http://www.pravo.unizg.hr/en
17. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture http://www.fsb.unizg.hr
(Site in Croatian Lang. only)
18. Faculty of Metallurgy http://www.simet.unizg.hr/en-us
19. Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering http://www.rgn.unizg.hr/en/
20. Faculty of Organization and Informatics http://www.foi.unizg.hr/en
21. Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry http://www.pharma.unizg.hr/en/
22. Faculty of Political Science http://www.fpzg.unizg.hr/en/about_us
23. Faculty of Science http://www.pmf.unizg.hr/en
24. School of Dental Medicine http://www.sfzg.unizg.hr/en
25. School of Medicine http://mef.unizg.hr/en/
26. Faculty of Teacher Education http://www.ufzg.unizg.hr/?lang=en
27. Faculty of Textile Technology http://www.ttf.unizg.hr/index.php?str=1&lang=en
28. Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences http://www.fpz.unizg.hr/en/index.asp
29. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine http://www.vef.unizg.hr/english/
University of Zagreb - Academies

The Academies Include:
  1. Academy of Dramatic Arts
  2. Academy of Fine Arts
  3. Academy of Music

Almost all the faculties / art academies of the University of Zagreb offer a number of courses in English (and other foreign languages) aimed especially at international exchange students. For details about these courses and the study level they offer (Bachelor/Masters) please visit:

University of Zagreb - Why

  1. Quality Education
    Being Croatia's oldest university, the quality of education in the University of Zagreb gained international recognition. The university now offers support to Croatia's other universities. The University is in the top 3% of best ranked universities in the world, which means it is in the top 500 universities in the world, top 200 in Europe and top 10 in the region.
  2. Housing
    International exchange students can choose between two housing options: organized accommodation in 3 student halls or private accommodation.
  3. Exchange Programs Participation
    The university's international relations have significantly improved since Croatia joined the European Union. International student exchange, mainly through the Erasmus+ mobility program, is extensive. The program offers our students the possibility to gain new experiences and knowledge at other universities in Europe even during their study periods.
  4. International University Networks Membership
    The University is also an active member of a number of university networks and associations, the most important of which are: European University Association (EUA), Danube Rectors' Conference (DRC), Rectors' Conference of Alps-Adriatic Universities (AARC), Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA), Agence universitaire de la francophonie (AUF), Central European Initiative University Network (CEI UniNet); as well as a number of associations which the universities or faculties join based on profession. The University organizes a large number of international courses, workshops, seminars and summer schools.
  5. ICT services & facilities
    At every faculty/academy of the University there are computers that can be used by students free of charge. In-Room Internet connection instructions (for students living in student residence halls). Internet is available in each room through data cable, free of charge.
  6. Student restaurants and cafeterias
    Meals, cafe, refreshments and cakes at affordable prices are served in student restaurants and cafeterias run by the Student Centre University of Zagreb. Services and offerings may vary in over 20 restaurants at various locations in the city, usually within Faculties of the University. The biggest student restaurant is located in the Student Centre Savska 25.
  7. University Sports Services
    All international students that want to take part in sports activities can do so by joining regular sports courses that are obligatory for regular students of the University in the first four semesters. The types of sport and activities range from aerobics to yoga, from fitness to ball sports and outdoor exercises.
  8. Student Counseling and Support Centre
    In order to provide support in the development and improvement of students' academic and career-life skills, the University of Zagreb established the Student Counselling and Support Centre. The Centre started working in the academic year 2013/2014, and its activities and services are available to students of all faculties and academies of the University of Zagreb.
  9. Office for Students with Disabilities
    The Office is a University reference centre that offers support to students with disabilities with the aim of providing equal opportunities.
  10. Centre for advanced academic studies Dubrovnik, University of Zagreb
    Centre for Advanced Academic Studies - Dubrovnik (CAAS) is a detached unit of the University of Zagreb founded to facilitate and promote all forms of post-graduate studies and to facilitate and promote academic activities in various fields of science and advanced education in forms of specialized courses, summer schools, conferences, brainstorm meetings and other similar academic activities. Examples of the most popular programs: European Studies, Environmental Management, Language Communication and Cognitive Neuroscience, MBA in Construction, Zagreb School of Slavic Studies etc.

    CAAS offers:

    • conference hall with equipment for simultaneous translation, sound system and possibility of audio recording
    • lecture rooms with supporting technical devices and assistance (video-data projector, overhead projector, dia projector, projection screen, flip chart, video recorder, TV monitor, CD player, PC, Internet, copy machine, fax machine)
    • library
    • computer room
    • coffee shop
    • Participants can be accommodated in the new dormitory that consists of 38 single and double rooms (each with bathroom, air condition, phone and Internet).

    For more information please visit
  11. University of Zagreb University Computing Centre (SRCE)
    The University Computing Centre (SRCE) has a long tradition in the area of information and communication technologies. It was founded in 1971 within the University of Zagreb, the only Croatian university at the time, with the purpose to enhance the implementation of information technologies in the academic community as well as in Croatia in general.

    Today, SRCE is the main computing centre and the architect of the e-infrastructure, covering both the University of Zagreb and the whole research and high education system. Furthermore, SRCE is the competence center for information and communication technologies as well as the center for education and support in the area of ICT application.

    For more information please visit