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New Vision University (NVU) is a private non- profit university founded 2013 in Tbilisi (Georgia) having the ambition to be the fastest developing and the most international University in the region. Out of 500 students enrolled for 2015-2016 academic year, 75% are international students, representing more than 20 countries worldwide.

What Educational Levels New Vision University offers?
NVU offers educational programs on all three levels of higher education:

  • Bachelor
  • Master's
  • Ph.D.

All educational programs are accredited by the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement Accreditation Board.

Why choose New Vision University?

  • NVU is a private nonprofit Institution aiming at expanding human vision it is affiliated to the 75 years old Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia, Managed by Ministry of Health.
  • NVU is associated with GEO Group of hospitals in Tbilisi itself to conduct medical training and practices.
  • NVU as a college which deals with establishment of relations with foreign universities, relevant scientific research institutes and educational centers.
  • Faculty of NVU participates in scientific conferences and exchange program in different countries like USA, UK, and European countries.
  • NVU is ranked in the top universities imparting Medicine all across Eurasia
  • Degree awarded is MD-Medical Doctor (Equivalent to MBBS)
University Faculties

The University faculties are:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Business Administration and Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Politics and Diplomacy

1- Faculty of Law

NVU Law School is a full member of European Law Faculties Association (ELFA). NVU student teams participate in such international projects as Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition.

New Vision University School of Law currently offers three degree programs:

  • Bachelor degree in law
    The program provides for integrated teaching components, which enable understanding of historical developments of judiciary institutions and identification of interconnectedness between the issues of various disciplines. Program components complement one another. Teaching methodology is domineered by the comparative teaching system of the law institutions.

    Mechanisms using repetitorium are practiced (in private, public and criminal law) to facilitate the entry into a professional life and are integrated with the elements of international law.

  • Master Degree in Comparative Private and International Law
    The broad choice between comparative private and international law components enables a student to shape his/her profile in either way: to make emphasis on comparative private law or on international law or to combine components from both concentrations and develop competencies most suitable for prospective employment. Core courses are offered only in the first semester of the course developing competencies generally necessary in both fields of concentration.

    Methods employed are widely based on the mixture of interactive teaching and promotion of independent personal development through a combination of theoretical components and practical experience, aiming at the development of skills and values needed to interpret the law in line with the requirements of human rights primacy, i.e. equality and proportionality.

  • PhD in Comparative Private and International Law
    The objective of the program for the Doctorate in Law is to contribute to the free development of an individual and expansion of human vision through enhancement of the existing knowledge and establishment of innovative methods in lawmaking and interpretation of legal rules. It also aims to enhance the research and teaching competencies by NQF VIII level learning outcomes.

2- Faculty of Medicine

NVU is the only university in Georgia that executes its MD program it its own hospital (New Vision University Hospital). This is a standard established by TUNING/MEDINE that will become a mandatory requirement for all European universities offering MD degree.

New Vision University School of Medicine currently offers four degree programs:

  • Medical Doctor (MD) Program (ENG)
    Medical Doctor educational program (360 ECTS) aims to provide medical training, predominantly in a practical environment, based on ethical values, respect for the individuals and on the premise of the minimum interference. Provisionally, the program identifies teaching phases of healthy body, diagnosis and treatment, in which utilization of vertical and horizontal integration elements makes the learning process systematic and consistent.

    Results of the educational program are achieved through implementation of innovative teaching and assessment methods - problem-based learning, early-stage involvement into the biomedical research and provision of objectively structured clinical examination.

  • Bachelor's program in Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing Care (ENG)
    The program targets to support students in understanding the essence of Health Care Sciences (Rehabilitation and Nursing), to equip them with skills necessary for working in diverse health care settings, and to become competent and competitive in multicultural environments. In general, the intention of the program is to foster the development of professionals with higher employability in diverse health care settings.
  • Master's program in Medical Rehabilitation and Healthcare Management (ENG)
    The objective of this program is to develop competitive Master degree specialists and to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful work with the multidisciplinary team at an international level. Master program will give the graduates an opportunity not only to gain the skills but also to integrate them into practice. This highlights the nature of competition in the sector as well as the unrivaled level of preparation provided by the university contributing to the success of its graduates. Indeed methodology of the program is concentrated on the development of the program participants as competent professionals- ready to apply their skills in real-life experiences.

    A successful graduate of the program will be able to become a qualified member of a team in the medical and rehabilitation clinic. Moreover, diversity of the courses also creates an opportunity for an interested student to continue his/her studies and scientific work at the doctorate level.

  • Doctorate in Medicine - PhD in Medicine (GEO/ENG)
    To develop caring, competent, confident medical doctors through outcome based teaching approach ensuring high quality of health care and biomedical research in academic, in- and out-patients settings. To meet global standards of medical education set by World Federation of Medical Education, and defined by TUNING/MEDINE learning outcomes for undergraduate medical education.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gaining knowledge of the most recent developments of a field of study allowing for further expansion thereof using innovative and effective methods (at the level required for referable publications);
  • Enhancement of the ability to analyse new, complex and controversial ideas and approaches;
  • Making efficient decisions for the solution of problems; Ability to independently plan, carry out and supervise, as well as clearly and soundly demonstrate innovative and actual research;
  • Readiness to further develop new ideas and ability to research the ways of establishing new values or to contribute to innovative and actual methods for the establishment of acknowledged ones.

Hospitals Departments include:

  • Department of Surgical Disease
  • Outpatient-Diagnostic department
  • Department of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
  • M. Abeloff's Clinical Oncology Department
  • Department of Internal Medicine

3- The Faculty of Business and Information Technologies

New Vision University School of Business & Information Technologies currently offers three degree programs:

  • Bachelor's Program in Business and Information Technologies (ENG)
    This is a broad program primarily designed to offer a versatile education in business management and Information Technology. Students will be taught how to be innovative, and they will gain new insights into current business/IT issues. Students will develop competencies that will prepare them for responsible managerial/technical roles within a variety of organizational/entrepreneurial settings.

    The thorough basis of core courses provides students with solid background in diverse areas of business/management, social science, communication and technical fields broadening their understanding of given areas and their sub-fields. The core courses (coded BIT) are offered along the program and enable students to shape and apply their knowledge and skills (theoretical and practical), for future successful employment in various organizations or entrepreneurial activities. Core courses are offered only to develop competencies needed in both business and IT fields.

  • Bachelor's program in Business Administration (ENG)
    The program enhances the development of both research and managerial/practical skills through employed teaching methodology which is based on mixture of interactive teaching (including class discussions) and promotion of independent personal and group learning through combination of theoretical components, problem-solving and practical experience, aiming at development of knowledge, skills and values needed for successful implementation and participation in managerial/entrepreneurial activities in line with the requirements of constantly changing complex business environment and labour market.
  • Master's Program in Business Administration - MBA (ENG)
    The objective of this program is to develop students into broadly educated business managers, executives, and entrepreneurs who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations and issues. The capstone for the MBA program gives students a chance to bring together theories, skills and tools studied during the program and to integrate them into a learning experience that highlights the nature of competition and strategic maneuvering that is necessary for success.

    Techniques utilized in the course are widely based on a case study approach, including the mixture of interactive teaching (including class discussions) and promotion of independent personal development through a combination of theoretical components, problem-solving and practical experience. Completion of the course means that a student develops knowledge, skills, and values needed for successful implementation and management of managerial/entrepreneurial activities in line with the requirements of the complex business environment and labor market.

    The built-in Guest Speaker Seminar Series in almost every course of the program enables program participants to network and interact with the peers and professionals from different sectors of business community.

4- The Faculty of Politics and Diplomacy

New Vision University School of Politics and Diplomacy currently offers:

  • Bachelor's Program in Politics and International Relations (ENG).

Program Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Social Science in International Relations
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Politics

Students will have an opportunity to build professional competence in the area of Business Administration and gain knowledge and practical skills in leadership, management, finance/accounting, marketing, and business communications. Alternatively, students can acquire knowledge in international law enhancing their understanding of politics and international relations from the legal perspective and develop practical skills needed to understand legislative instruments, international mechanisms and tools employed for the resolution of conflicts of interests at an international level.

The program supports and prepares its graduates as professionals with high employability making a career in public or private sectors-state institutions, international organizations, non-profit organizations, campaign management and polling.


  1. Career Development Support
    The NVU Office of Career Development offers extensive services for students and alumni, including help with career planning and decision making, networking, and employment opportunity referrals. All students are strongly encouraged to meet with our career development staff during their first year of study and get support in finding and obtaining internships and part-time and full-time permanent positions while they are in school.
  2. Georgian Language Club
    Georgian Language Club was established at New Vision University in the beginning of December, 2015. Club aims to assist foreign students in learning Georgian language for communication and to support them in getting acquainted with local culture, lifestyle and history. Club meetings are held every week and students get an opportunity to learn various interesting topics, useful phrases and idioms through interaction.
  3. Quality Assurance Office
    Quality assurance is the part of the terms and conditions set by the Academic Board for carrying out the educational and scientific-research activities and is based on the principle: "plan-do-check-act" (PDCA). It shall also provide for the existence of quality assurance system at School level as well. The Quality Assurance Office shall promote the introduction of the state-of-art teaching and evaluation methods, annual self-evaluation of the Institution and develop recommendations, which are reflected in the Institution strategic development plan. The Head of the Quality Assurance Office shall be elected and dismissed by the Academic Board.
  4. New Vision Library
    The library houses collection of books for seminars, ABC Library, library service center, university electronic resources and literature research international system. Some books and manuscripts dating back as far as 1800, have been donated from private collections. According to the agreement between New Vision University and the "Civic Education and Social Equality Center," these books will be hosted by the NVU library permanently.
  5. Participation in elaborate projects
    New Vision University choses some elaborate projects to participate in to achieve max. experience to our students and guarantee a positive role in society. For example, New Vision University is a participating partner of Network Europe. The Network Europe is a platform for cooperation between academic institutions from West, East and Central European countries which are engaged in the research of various issues concerning the European integration process.

    In July 2014, the 6th Network Europe Conference was organized in Tbilisi, which was hosted by New Vision University. On July 15-17, the 7th International Conference on "Perspectives of security in Europe-Current challenges, EU strategies, international cooperation" took place in Yerevan, Armenia, where Professor Gaga Gabrichidze, Dean of New Vision University School of Law, presented his speech on "Association Agreement as a tool of the EU security policy".

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